My Baseball Experience Throughout School:

Baseball is not only my favorite sport to play (to have played), but it’s one of my favorite sports to watch on TV. This is especially true when it comes time for playoffs (NLCS and ALCS), then the World Series at the end of the year (usually around late October and even early November), which is the most fun to watch because two of the best baseball teams of the year go head to head. Even though it’s not as big as the Super Bowl, it is just as exciting to watch (at least for me).

[But anyway] I have played baseball from as early as I could (maybe around 1st or 2nd grade or so) up until last year (as I was a senior). Baseball is the only sport that I have tried and stuck with throughout school. In the past I have played other sports such as: Basketball for a few years (wasn’t good at it), I have played Football for three years (hardly ever got the ball thrown to me, as I was a wide receiver, plus I wasn’t the biggest kid out on the field), and I played Golf for a summer (didn’t like it). I didn’t really get into any of these sports too much, nowhere near as much as I did with Baseball.

Throughout my baseball career I have played many positions, some for a longer amount of time than others. If I can recall correctly, I pitched for a while, played third base up until high school, and then switched positions, going to left-field. I liked third base because it was the “hot-corner” (that means I got a lot of balls hit to me because most batters were right-handed). I guess I was at least decent at the position, that’s what my teammates and coaches said anyway. This changed when I go to high school, there weren’t many outfielders, but there were plenty of infielders. This wasn’t the only reason though as some of my “teammates” weren’t very nice (to put it nicely), and there was this kid (a little older than me) that was practicing at the same position as me (still third base at the time), and let’s just say I didn’t like him very much. Him and this other kid were the “stars” of the team, the “coaches pet” if you will, so they had to show that to all of the rest of us (especially me) in the meanest and cockiest way possible. So I took it upon myself (after a while of ridicule) to move to the outfield (where the nicer kids were), in particular left-field because I still wanted to get the balls that were hit past the infielders.

Another thing changed when I got to high-school, we got new coaches because there is a coach for ninth grade, a coach for tenth grade, and then two coaches for varsity. I tolerated and even liked most of my coaches up until high-school, then it went down hill for quality of coaches and players. In ninth grade we got a new coach that was also a basketball coach and his experience of baseball was just to the high school level. He was a nice guy and everything, but he didn’t know too much about baseball. In tenth grade, we got a new coach (new to us as a coach, but was our Health teacher in 7th and 8th grade), he played baseball in college, but also taught multiple sports, he was nice too. Then when I got to varsity (which in our school was 11th and 12th grade), it took a turn for the worse. The two coaches were also pricks and gave special attention to the two or three “stars” of the team and screwed the rest of us over. So going into my senior year I was really about to quit baseball because of all of this, but then my parents convinced me to do it for my final year, by saying, “it’s your last year, you might as well finish it,” and, “I know the coaches and some of the players are making it tough, but don’t let that prevent you from doing what you want.”

So to sum all of this up, I liked playing baseball even though the coaches and some of the players weren’t nice and it will always be my favorite sport to play.


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