Blog Tour 1.

In week 15 of this ‘Reading and Writing’ course, we are assigned to basically look at the two blogs listed under our names according to the blogroll. So going by these instructions, I (Dalton) will first be looking at D’Antoine’s blog.

What I am getting from his blog is that he enjoys the art of photography and everything that comes with it. He seems to be very passionate about photography and expresses it through his blog posts. It seems like he likes to keep his posts short and straight to the point (which is not a bad thing). At the start of his photography related blog posts, he first introduces us to some of the famous photographers that are responsible for the coming of and the popularity/support behind photography. Then he reflects on this informational post and describes how what he stated in the post before, affects him personally. The next post (photography 2) explains what a histogram and light meter are and how they play into photography as a whole. He then reflects on this post, doing the same as the first reflection, describing how it affects him and his work and how he uses it. These are his most recent posts, so I have to end it here.

Some things that I noticed about D’Antoine’s blog is that he keeps his format plain and simple, not adding a whole lot to the posts. I also noticed that he keeps a pattern going, posting about one aspect of photography, then reflecting on it and explaining how it ties into his experiences as a photographer. He also brings up what kind of audience he is focusing his posts on and introduces them to the next subject. He then ends with an charismatic outro, by saying goodbye to the targeted audience, and hopes this audience takes something away from the post at hand.

Overall it seems like D’Antoine goes by the book when it comes to format and what you have to have included in your blog posts. It is a simple, informational, blog about photography and his experiences with it.

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