Blog Tour 2.

This next tour brings us into Deli’s blog as it is the next and final blog that was instructed to be talked about in the order of the blogroll.

The first thing that you will notice when you visit Deli’s blog is that it’s very organized and everything seems to be labeled in the correct way, along with pictures for each post. It is sorted in a way that you will see YouTube videos before you click onto them. Each post has a “thumbnail” (the picture on the post) and title, along with the date that it was published. You will also notice that it is more colorful and artistic than most of the other blogs that you have seen (in the class). This blog also has categories on the top of the main page in which you can click on and the posts that have to do with the title that you clicked on are under each category.

This blog is basically a travel/cooking guide, with most of the posts being about different locations, and a few posts being about cooking. You will find that she almost brings you along with her for every trip that she takes. She shares a bit of a backstory about each location in terms of it’s history, then walks you through her experiences when visiting each location. You will also find that she describes each landmark that she takes pictures of briefly and shares with us the experience of visiting these landmarks. All of the locations that she blogs about are contained to inside of the United States, and mostly states that are on the east coast (Massachusetts and North Carolina so far).

Some interesting things that I noticed when scrolling through Deli’s posts are: each post has pictures to give the audience a better “picture” of what she is describing, describing her and her family’s experiences at each destination, labeling each post so it’s clear to what you are clicking on, and having a starting and ending point from the specific places.

Overall this is a tight-knit, organized travel blog sharing tips and experiences on every trip along with some cooking tips and recipes. It is also easy to follow and easy to navigate as the wording and pictures explain everything clearly enough to get a good understanding of the destination. This is a blog that goes beyond the rubric.

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