Minnesota in a 500 (ish) word nutshell

Minnesota, “the land of 50,000 lakes,” is bordered by Wisconsin, Iowa, the Dakota’s, and Canada. Being that it is located in the northern Midwest of the United States, it is considered one of the coldest states as well as one of the most seasonal, and rightfully so as it gets pretty cold (and snowy) in the winter, hot and humid in the summer, and dreary (and cooler) in the fall. I would compare it to Colorado but without as much snow. The winters here are unpredictable and random when it comes to snowing and when there are warm patches in which the snow melts and then refreezes. When it comes to spring/summer time, it gets really humid, hot, and rains a good amount.

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If you are looking for a warm all of the time state, this state isn’t for you, but if you are looking for a seasonal state, this is the state for you.

Enough about the weather and seasons.

The people: the people in Minnesota are nice and respectful (most anyway). From living here for most of my life (born in Wisconsin and moved to Minnesota when I was young), I have seen hard-working, good people, that like to take care of each other. This is conditional and geographical as (like every state) there are some bad parts of the state (high crime areas). We as Minnesotans do have a slight accent (some people more than others), that was made into a stereotype (similar to Canadians).

What you will see (in terms of geography): If you are in the southern half of the state, you will see a lot of hills, trees, farmland, and small towns (the exception being Rochester).  If you are in the middle part of the state, you will see bigger cities (twin cities area), hills, and still farmland. And when you get up to the northern part of the state, the land flattens out, the forests are denser, you will see small towns, you will see big lakes, and a lot of mining going on. We don’t have any mountains or big canyons or anything crazy like that in this state. However we are the starting point of the Mississippi River and do have some cool landmarks and calendar-worthy locations.

Landmarks and cool locations: Although Minnesota isn’t known for it’s landmarks and doesn’t make it on the “most beautiful places in the world” list, it does offer some cool spots. Some note-worthy locations are listed below:

Duluth: Known for it’s ports, Duluth was once one of the biggest hotspots for trading shipped (literally by ship) goods.

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Twin Cities: The Twin Cities includes Minneapolis and Saint Paul. This is where pretty much all of the professional sport events happen in Minnesota. 

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Rochester: Known for it’s hospitals (Mayo), Rochester is basically a mini-Minneapolis.

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Mall of America: This is the biggest mall in America, including one of the biggest waterparks as well.

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Culture and food: In Minnesota some of the most popular foods are: Midwest style breakfasts (pancakes, sausage, bacon, eggs, toast, and maple syrup; with coffee or white milk for a drink), fish (mainly walleye), cheese curds (our state fair cheese curds rival the likes of Wisconsin’s; at least that’s what I’ve heard), burgers and French fries, cakes. For drinks it’s usually beer in the summers and hot chocolate/coffee in the winter. Our culture is similar to Canada (and some other states) in that we like to snowmobile, hunt, go hiking, and watch sports (especially football). The stereotypical fashion style in Minnesota is a flannel shirt, jeans, wool beanie, and boots for guys. And for girls it’s, a white sweatshirt, a black vest, a beanie with a ball on the top, leggings, and moccasins/Ugg boots. These are somewhat accurate stereotypes, but they are just stereotypes, so you will see people with all different outfits.


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