Blog Wrap-up

It has come time to wrap-up my blog, as instructed by the instructor of this ‘Reading and Writing’ course, for this week. So this will be my last blog post, unless maybe I take it up again from sheer boredom or just for fun. Although I wasn’t expecting “blogging” to be fun, like at all, towards the end of this course (when we got to blog about whatever we wanted as individual bloggers), it became more and more tolerable and interesting for me to do. When we had to contract for our grade and for our blogs, we had to basically write down and show the instructor what we were planning on “blogging” about, and what letter grade we wanted to come out of it for each week. I personally, contracted for an “A” grade, which entailed posting four blog posts (500+ words each and at least one source cited) a week. And I chose to blog mainly about cars and car culture, but also health related topics, and my opinion and experiences for random topics that I thought about expressing.

I personally think that for the most part I have done “A” grade work, though some weeks I was doing “B” grade work. I might be “hyping myself up” though as what is required might not be “A” work for other people viewing my blog. I mainly stuck to the rubric and the requirements for each week because not only do I have other college classes, I do have a life outside of school, so I did what needed to be done for each week and that was that. Some weeks I posted about random topic and personal experiences because that’s what I wanted to blog about, and also because I couldn’t think of anything else to blog about. This is why you see different posts that aren’t even related to each other in any way.

Overall I think that at first “blogging” was harder to do because it was my first time doing this activity. I also think that it was hard because we were blogging about assigned articles and topics and not topics of our choice, so we were just blogging to complete the assigned task that week. As time went on, it got easier (although very slowly), because the instructor “set us free,” in a way; she let us blog about what we wanted to blog about instead of about what was assigned. To be honest, I don’t see myself continuing to blog on my own, like I said, only if I get a “wild hair” to continue to blog. I did find it interesting of what other people were blogging about and reading some of their posts. My classmates blogs contained anything from fashion, to fiction, to gaming, to hunting. Although I didn’t get a chance to read everyone else’s blogs, the one’s I did read I found interesting and informational. “Blogging” can be a platform to express many different thoughts and topics and to have an audience that shares similar ideas and opinions.

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